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Visitors to San Francisco

If you are visiting San Francisco and would like to join us for our 7:45 am Saturday run, we would be happy to have you!  There is no charge for this, but we do ask that you sign a waiver.  Please print, sign and bring a copy of the SFRRC Waiver with you to the run. You do not need to RSVP - just check our homepage for this week's meeting location and show up no later than 7:35 with your signed waiver.  Please note, this is a service we extend to bay area visitors for one weekend.  If you are here more frequently please consider joining SFRRC as a member.  Regrettably, we can not accommodate any visitors on our 6:30am long (18mi+) runs.

It is important to be prepared for the weather in San Francisco.  There are numerous microclimates in the city, which means that it can be warm and sunny in one area and foggy and cold a short distance away.  Weather tends to be cool in the summer and rainy in the winter months.  Our best weather occurs in the spring and fall. While there are drinking fountains along some routes, you should always have your own supply of water, particularly for longer distances.

As a runner in San Francisco you will quickly learn to love hills, if not for the benefits hills provide to your training program then for the stunning vistas you get to enjoy at the top!

Below are some running routes that you may wish to try:

From Downtown San Francisco:

From Marina Green:
  • Laura Kennedy Loop, in memory of our member, Laura, who passed away in 2002 at the age of 54

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