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SFRRC Race Captains

San Francisco Road Runners Club has race captains for each of the major/local 2018 Marathons (Kaiser Half, Napa, Oakland, Boston, Big Sur, Mountains 2 Beach, San Francisco, Berlin, St. George, Chicago, New York, CIM). Additionally, an SFRRC coach will work along with each race captain for questions and coaching tips.

Race captains help organize and encourage our runners training for these marathons and aim to organize a dinner during training prior to the
 race. The idea is a casual dinner to just talk about what to expect, share course and other preperation ideas, etc. If possible, we aim to have one of our coaches with you at these early dinners too. For destination race, our race captains also organize a dinner spot for the evening before and help get a group photo for the club. We hope this will help make your marathon experience a little easier and more enjoyable.


Ned’s training plan is to try to keep up. Thanks to his friends in the SFRRC he’s become a smarter and stronger runner in the past five years. Ned has run a dozen half marathons, the NYC Marathon twice and is hoping to qualify for Boston someday. He commutes to work by running, and loves Tuesday night track, the Saturday morning big runs, and running when he visits new places. His goal is to still be running in the year 2030. 

Please contact Ned directly for any Kaiser questions. And plan on a nice group photo after we're all finished. Pre-race drink/gathering coming soon. 



Jen joined SFRRC shortly after the club was formed and has enjoyed training with the club and making life-long friends here. She picked up running in middle school and her first running coach was her dad, with whom she ran many 10k's in her hometown of Erie, PA. Napa 2018 will be Jen's 4th Napa marathon, 20th marathon overall and her first marathon after the birth of her 2 sons (Leighton, 3 yrs and Rhys 9 mos). In her earlier years with the club, Jen served as VP of Marketing and Club President. These days, she's just thrilled when the moon and stars align such that she can make it out of the house for a long run!

Contact Jen directly if you're also running Napa and would like to coordinate training plans and/or meet up before the race. :) 


Shagun joined the San Francisco Road Runners Club in 2012, with the aim to train for and run her first marathon, which she did in 2013. She has since run three marathons and several half marathons, and plans to do many more. SFRRC has provided her the opportunity to train harder and smarter than she would have on her own, run longer than she would have ever imagined, and make friends that she would have never met. Shagun loves the camaraderie of SFRRC and running in our beautiful city of San Francisco.

If you are running Oakland Half or Marathon or even 5k, Shagun will be scheduling a dinner during training to talk about the race and just meet up with everybody. Details to come!


Jon is a native of San Francisco and still finds new things to love about his hometown. He joined SFRRC in 2014 after deciding to focus on running after a few years doing triathlon. His longest race was a 50 miler (plus some bonus miles while getting lost). While he prefers to spend his times on the trails, Jon appreciates running on the road as well. His favorite distance is the marathon though he is looking into diving deeper in the ultra world. Jon aspires to complete a marathon in every state. *RRCA Level 1 & VDOT O2 (Jack Daniels) Certified Coach

If you are running Big Sur, Jon will be scheduling a dinner during training to talk about the race, preparation, and just meet up with everybody. It's one of Jon's favorite marathons and he's got some good experience on it, so should be a nice evening of sharing.



It began as a simple desire, after years of seeing others enjoying the sport, when he jumped right into running for the first time in 2016. And while undertrained, he ran his first marathon, California International Marathon, later that year. After some encouragement from a friend, Hans decided to finally join the San Francisco Road Runners. Over the past year he's learned much, increased this weekly milage, plus completed five marathons in 12 months with a PR in each one. In 2017 he was SFRRC's most improved runner as a newcomer.

If you are running Mountains 2 Beach, please contact Hans. He'll be scheduling a dinner here in the city during training (about 3-4 weeks from M2B) to talk about the race, preparation, and just meet everybody over a meal.


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