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SFRRC Pace Group Leaders

We begin with our most sincere gratitude to our pace group leaders, who lead their group at a specific pace on our Saturday runs. It's a treat, it's a joy, it a safe haven each Saturday. Yes, you may move up or down a pace group level every so often. That's just fine. Learn more about our leaders below and sign-up for important emails from your pace group lead.

If you're new to the San Francisco Road Runners, worry not, you'll have plenty of people to run along side, encourage you, and lead you through the streets and trails of our city. Come run with us THIS Saturday! Good things happen. :)

BILL SUMMER | 7:30 min/mile pace group 

Bill is a distance runner, focusing on the full marathon. But, he'll dabble in other distances, such as the half, an ultra now and then, and toss in a relay for fun. He joined the SFRRC in 2012. Since 2013 he's been the Pace Group Leader for the 7:30 group. And, in 2014 he became one of our coaches, coaching the trails on Sunday. *RRCA Certified coach


NED LERNER | 8:00 min/mile pace group 

Ned’s training plan is to try to keep up. Thanks to his friends in SFRRC he’s become a smarter and stronger runner in the past five years. Ned has run a dozen half marathons, the NYC Marathon twice and is hoping to qualify for Boston someday. He commutes to work by running, and loves Tuesday night track, the Saturday morning big runs, and running when he visits new places. Ned's goal is to still be running in the year 2030.

CHINH LEE | 8:30 min/mile pace group (no walk break)

Chinh has been with SFRRC since 2012 and is a veteran of 11 marathons, including three Bostons. Ironically, he credits learning how to run slowly as the reason that he was finally able to obtain the qualifying standard. But for now, he is happier helping other people reach their PR/BQ goals rather than striving for his own. 

In 2019, he surpassed his goal of running 2019 miles. In 2020, he hopes to run enough elevation to climb the Seven Summits, the highest mountain on each continent. That’s over 142,000 ft of climbing! Asked why he chose that as his goal, he replied, “I hate running hills. Maybe this will make me hate them less?"

Special Note: Our most sincere thanks to our amazingly talented Robert Hood who has so graciously lead our 8:30 min/mile pace group for many years. With tons of gratitude!!! You've made SFRRC a more joyful community.

LAURA HARRISON | 9:00 min/mile pace group (with walk breaks)

A middle school friend once asked Laura “Why don’t you try cross country?” and she’s been running ever since. She joined the SFFRC in 2016 and became pace leader in 2017. As a native Midwesterner, she greatly appreciates San Francisco great year-round weather and varied terrain. She’s run a dozen half marathons, three marathons, and miscellaneous others. Laura hopes to #resolvetorun and put something on the race calendar soon. Come run with Laura and crew! They are committed and kind, thanks to Laura's good lead.


RACHEL MACBRIDE | 9:00 min/mile pace group (with walk breaks) 

Rachel started running in 2011, deciding to run the Broad Street 10 miler in Philadelphia on a whim. She hasn’t turned back since and has over 50 races under her belt including 10 marathons, including a Goofy and a Dopey challenge at Walt Disney World. Rachel joined SFRRC in 2018 and enjoys Tuesday track nights and Saturday long runs. One day Rachel hopes qualify for the Boston Marathon. When she is not running, Rachel loves watching movies and talking about the latest blockbuster or foreign / art house films.

** Rachel is SFRRC's additional pace group leader helping Laura.


WING WONG | 9:30 min/mile pace group (with walk breaks)

Need we say much more... fearless leader and encourager. Wing's been a pace group leader for 8-9 years and has led both 10:00 and 9:30 pace groups. He ran his first Half Marathon in 2001 and first Full Marathon in 2006, and has since completed 7 Marathons and at least 20 Half Marathons, with his favorite being the Chicago Marathon. As he tells us, "Running has been good to me and I enjoy running with the club." Well, we enjoy running with him! In his spare time, he enjoy traveling and learning new languages and cultures.

ERIC LUM | 10:00 min/mile pace group (with walk breaks) 

Eric - the chosen one who brings order to the popular 10 min/mile universe filled with its wonderful runners. He is our new 10:00 pace group, but has been a member of SFRRC since 2015 and he has co-led our Thursday evening runs on the Embarcadero for the past couple years. All said, Eric runs marathons and trains for them well. He has completed over thirty 26.2 races, on his way to a long-term goal of running one in every state. Eric's been a SFRRC member since 2015. Thank you, Eric, for your good lead and your steadfast commitment to serve and be present for us.

KAREN MCSORLEY | 10:30 min/mile pace group (with walk breaks) 

Karen McSorley ran her first marathon in Chicago as a single bucket-list item. As she crossed the finish line, she whispered to herself, “I’m home.” Twelve years later, she’s completed 30 full marathons and 125 half marathons. Favorites include Big Sur (beauty), Austin (hipsters), NYC (crowds), Paris (food), and San Francisco (PR). Across her SFRRC career, she’s run with most of the pace groups from 8:00s to 11:00s. This year, she’s finding her bliss bringing laughs, photo-ops, and tasty sweets to the rockin’ Goldies week in and week out. 

ELIZABETH TENNENT | 11:00 min/mile pace group (with walk breaks) 

Elizabeth became a member of SFRRC almost 2 years ago after seeing a huge group of runners in the Presidio and was curious what "SFRRC" was. At the time she was training for her (so far) one and only half marathon, and promised herself she'd join if she survived those 13.1 miles. She did, and she did. Elizabeth was never a runner in her younger years, but has been running for the last three years after losing 100 pounds as a most vital part of attempting to maintain the weight loss (and the struggle continues). Elizabeth loves seeing the Club members on Saturdays, and we always have a great time at the "back of the pack" she tells us! With our gratitude for the leading and being our pace group leader; thanks Elizabeth!

RUSTY COHEN | 12:30 min/mile pace group (with walk breaks)

Rusty - the one to leave no one behind! All are welcome. Please join Rusty's group, if you are just getting back to running or want to go more gently. A native San Franciscan who started running right after Frank Shorter won '72 Olympics. Rusty has run a 2:45:17 marathon and a 56:40 ten miler. After 15 years with SFRRC, we sincerely value his leadership. This group will run/walk from 3 to 6 miles on Saturdays at our Club Run. 

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